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Ferrari interior – The Ferrari 458 Italia replaces the F430 arising from a totally new design and innovation technologies developed coming from the company’s experience in Formula One. The forms and the level of each Ferrari are the results of the integration between aerodynamics and design. In developing the 458 Italia, the styling process went hand in hand using the aerodynamic development in an effort to turn technical necessities into distinctive features.


The car VDA, or Vehicle Dynamic Assistance, provides technical support towards the driver in assessing both vehicle status and his own performance. The VDA is activated once the manettino is at RACE, CT and CST settings and provides drivers’ information that enables them to be able to measure the ideal operating condition to the car. An algorithm measure the car’s status (brakes, engine, tires and engine temperature ) depending on dynamic parameters for example lateral and longitudinal acceleration, rpm, speed, etc. The VDA alerts the driver by displaying the listed shorthand : WARM UP once the components got to further warm up ; GO when optimal conditions to attain maximum performance are achieved ; OVER when There‘s overheating and cooling the components is required.


In regards towards the 458 Italia interiors, the conventional seats are had upholstered in full grain leather with matching stitching. The Carter reflects the vehicle paint color, as the backrest structure is in magnesium having a fixed head rest and standard manual adjustment. Electronic longitudinal, backrest, height and tilt adjustments could be ordered being an option. Another option offers the owner to electronically manage the driver side memory control, heating, along with the lumbar and side adjustments. For the foremost passionate drivers, the 458 Italia is available using the racing seat being an option, and that is lighter and designed to provide improved containment because of its carbon fiber structure. The racing seat will come in three different sizes with manual backrest angle adjustment and movement. The conventional trim is in leather but it could be available in leather / Alcatraz upholstery being an option.


The 458 Italia center console features a sculptural aluminum casting which houses the F1 gearshift panel and it is dynamic controls : the launch control button, reverse and also the Auto switch that will put the gearbox in automatic mode.


The cockpit is designed to the 99. 5 percent of occupants in height. The luggage compartment includes a capacity of 230 liters and enables having three specific designed bags having a total capacity of 110 liters. The rear bench may also be used to stow two other bespoke bags, having a total capacity of 140 liters.


As every Ferrari, the Ferrari 458 Italia includes a unique design approach and technology innovations to obtain indisputable performance and driving experience. Inquiry about Ferrari 458 or Ferrari F430 today.


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