The launch of the new features of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – The annual Worldwide Developers Conference that in arranging in san jose California, Apple launched a new operating system but only for software that will launched the coming months. as iOS 12, which presents many new features, that can face time up to 32 users. the application called Screen time. that is used to monitor the application. iPhone X memoji can also make similar to humans, version personalization. emoji can choose form the shape of the human senses such as selecting the color of the eyes, ears, and also indeed you want to choose a glass eye, you can choose from a variety of glass eyes, lenses and also Earrings earrings. Cisco IOS 12 is about new breakthroughs that have never existed before. i.e. use algoritme which makes the AR better intelligence on the device. Safari has a share button widget and also on the website. this report also comes from a number of application. safari also can’t collect data advertisers and identify it to your device. MacOS Mojave launched its latest Mac operating system, namely the Mojave as a dark fashion and also adds new features such as the desktop cleaner. preview photos, applications that protect PDF with a password, and changed the screenshots. Apple TV 4 k to feature Dolby Atmos, which makes iTunes would become his home. supported movie film, which title the title is updated free of charge. Apple has not megumumkan, Netflik or Vudu HDR 4 k and supported Dolby Vision, will it be supported Atmos as well. For now it’s fitu uses Apple Watch its newest IE smartwatch as a walkie talki, and also features an automatic exercise, namely detection watches you akam feel sports is useful to warn you, if he has already done or not yet. This is news about the latest apple products.


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