Mazda cx 5 interior modifications


Mazda cx 5 interior – Until now Mazda has not been a significant player inside the small SUV segment. Their unloved Ford Escape based Tribute never bought from any massive quantities. Now to the 2013 model year they‘ve brought the all new CX-5. Taking a look at the spec sheet it promises class leading fuel economy, and handling that competes with European SUVs at two to three times the value. Styling is fresh and unique without being strange. Mazda is talking of their new


technology such a lot the majority of folks are fed up with hearing about this. In reality it‘s a fairly simple idea. Instead of a quantum leap forward in vehicle design it represents the accumulation of the series of small tweaks not simply inside the engine but all during the CX-5. The chassis has been recieved of a robust but light weight steel alloy and consequently the CX-5 is among the lightest SUVs upon the road. The engine and transmission have also received numerous tweaks to enhance fuel economy and performance. The CX-5 features many impressive talking points but the only real thing that matters ultimately is ; will people buy it?


It will, but on closer inspection one notices the quality of interior materials is extremely high. The dash material is almost BMW similar to its feel. There aren‘t any large panel gaps or fit and finish issues. The steering wheel feels great with your hand and also has nice pieces upon the bottom that resemble polished aluminum.


As much as interior features go the CX-5 has a lot of the normal small SUV equipment. Unfortunately Bluetooth Isn‘t standard though it‘s available. All models in the mid-level and up feature an simple to use touch screen display that also will upload all of your contacts from the smart phone. You might also need admittance to all your music wirelessly right coming from the touch screen display, just with one simple sync procedure. Seats are comfortable to sit in and maybe have a nice cloth trim. Moving to the rear seats the storyline takes a turn to the worse. Using the front seats able for a typical adult the rear seats lack leg room. The isn‘t any method to slide the rear seat back similar to another SUVs. Mazda has a number of split folding seat options from a typical 60 / 40 found out to some more exotic 40 / 20 / 40 arrangement with remote fold down (pull the handles inside the rear and also the seat folds down for you personally with almost zero effort ). In the rear from the vehicle the CX-5 looks small. You‘re amazed however whenever you open it and discover that it features a roomy cargo area. Mazda a really cleverly used all of the available space at the edges to maximize the usable cargo space. The rear hatch however doesn‘t open very wide and is a great spot to smash your head if you‘re over about 5


Upon the road the Mazda CX-5 has a pleasant, solid well composed feel about this. The commercials for Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology would actually make you think the vehicle has a really powerful engine. In reality the 155 horsepower 4 cylinder is adequate although not particularly powerful. The stand out feature from the power train is Mazda’s wonderful freshly tweaked 6 speed transmission. Not just will be the shifts incredibly quick, It‘ll automatically match engine and road speeds, making for excellent control and smooth shifts.


Handling is good and almost car like inside it nimbleness and feedback. With out question the CX-5 has the very best overall handling of any SUV in its class. Ride quality is good, although not as compliant as much other small SUVs. Like most other SUVs lately the CX-5 has very limited off road ability, and that is fine as long as the majority of them can never see around a gravel road.


The main point : If its sportiness, value and fuel economy you‘re after buy the CX-5.


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