New chrysler 200 interior


chrysler 200 interior РFor a long time Chrysler has struggled inside the mid-size sedan segment with the un-loved Sebring. Their replacement the 200 is aiming to alter that. Re-named to fall straight into the line-up below the 300, the 200 has many modern features for example bluetooth, heated seats and LED light strips inside the headlights. Some DNA is carried over coming from the Sebring, but Chrysler promises that this can be a new car. On first sight this really is hard for some to believe because it shares common styling using the Sebring. Over all Chrysler has designed a decent effort to modernize the design from the car.


Within the cabin is definitely an improvement during the Sebring with better materials and a few nice touches like an analogue clock in the center of the dash. Put you upon the dash and also the material is soft towards the touch, not the hard plastic you may expect. Strategically placed chrome trim also helps liven up the within. Little question this really is light years before the Sebring. Then can it be a pleasant interior? Do not be so sure, while it is preferable to people who came before it there remains an intangible cheap feeling. Interior noise levels are above on many of their competitors such like the Chevrolet Malibu. The dome lights give off a really harsh bright white light that is sufficient to make You are feeling like you are in Guantanamo Bay.


Upon the road the 200 includes a decently comfortable ride. The suspension is firm although not overly so and also the handling is good. Steering feel is numb and unresponsive like many other midsize cars. Going over bumps the car feels solid enough. Under acceleration the 2. 4L 173 horsepower 4 cylinder engine feels lacking. Overall the driving experience to under-whelming and forgettable. Driving it you can’t escape those feelings that Chrysler is that the last American car company holding onto their age old formula : build it cheap and market nicely. The Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu have were able to cast off that reputation however it won’t be very easy to the 200.


The majority of folks would want to choose the 6-speed transmission for best performance and fuel economy. Our test car was designed with the 2. 4L 4 cylinder, as the optional 283 horsepower 3. 6L Pentastar V6 promises to provide class leading performance.


Main point : Not a nasty mid-size car, but a tough sell against better and well priced competitors such as the Chevrolet Malibu and Nissan Altima.


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