New editions porsche panamera interior


porsche panamera interior – It is been just a couple of months that Panamera Turbo was launched and once Porsche has again given it a makeover, the all new, more powerful and faster Turbo S 2014 is ready for launch. The car is enriched having a 4. 8 litre twin turbo V8 petrol engine that delivers a peak torque of 750 Nm and also a peak power of 570 BHP, that has over-boosted its old figures by 50.


The all new Panamera 2014 with a brand new interior finish will certainly be available in three driving modes namely, sport, sport plus and comfort. Porsche will certainly be officially showcased at Tokyo Motor Show and most likely it will function as the sports version.


What is up using the new Turbo S?


The unbelievably powerful Porsche Panamera Turbo S that produces 570 BHP, and that is greater than the regular Turbo variant, is all able to rock the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts, once again. The 2 new turbochargers, more oxygen injecting charger at high speeds and enormous compressors that boost the air flow are many of the new features. With one of these added features, the torque is up by 5 Kg to 76. 4 Kg and during over-boost the peak torque becomes 800 Nm. To obtain as much as 0-100 kph the car takes only 3. 8 seconds, which makes this Porsche machine the foremost powerful and fastest Porsche inside the line-up.


Unlike another versions, GTS and Panamera 4, 2014 includes a top speed of 310 kmph and it is enriched with seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The very best part is it‘s a four wheel drive that will make the powerful beast a smooth car to cruise through. The new 20 inch 911 Turbo 2 alloy wheels, larger rear window, front bumper and new interiors provides it an unspoiled look.


A Sneak Peak At Pricing & Its World Premiere


The planet premiere of Porsche Panamera Turbo S is scheduled at Tokyo Motor Show. Turbo variant having a 4. 8 litre twin turbocharged V8 engine that churns out 562 BHP was launched in India almost a month back and was priced at Rs. 1. 19 crore. However the new Panamera S is predicted to become much more expensive or to become precise, greater than Rs. 2 crore, but nonetheless there is no official stamp upon the price tag. The bookings have been initiated in India, however the deliveries will start only after February 2014.


Author, identical to other aficionados of Porsche, is very passionate about luxury cars, especially Panamera. She well understands that while investing profit extravagant cars, she must be very cautious and that is why she keeps an eye on what is the very best coming up out there. But if you‘re fervent about enjoying a ride inside a luxury car, then you actually need not buy one.


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