.... Light duty protection for your finger
Perfect for:
*  Piecing
*  Binding
*  Under the Quilt
*  Applique

Thin and flexible, it's like a second skin that takes the abuse instead of your finger!
Helpful Tips:
Think of the W'nder Thimble as a second skin.  Use it for techniques that would make a bare finger sore but would not puncture the skin.  Hand sew with comfort and no bulk as you piece blocks or stitch down binding.  Great for other types of needlework as well!

The plastic material is strong enough to last through several projects.  For techniques requiring additional puncture resistance, try our Diamond Thimble.
The story behind the W'nder Thimble
Every now and then, something comes along that is radically different and totally unexpected. That is exactly what happened with this thimble. Basically, it's the story of a quilter challenging an engineer (her husband) to make a thimble that was comfortable yet durable .

In the course of developing the thimble desired, the engineer accidentally made one that was too thin and flexible. The quilter soon realized, as did her quilting friends, that the soft shell produced was great protection for the finger under the quilt when quilting or under an applique block when stitching down the pieces. Thus, the W'nder Thimble was soon named because it is wonderful when the finger under the quilt is not being poked!

The W'nder Thimble provides thin, flexible protection for the finger under the quilt. You can feel the needle point as it exits the fabric without having to build up and maintain a callous. It also works wonderfullly for hand piecing, stitching down bindings, general hand sewing and needlepoint. Available in large, medium, and small sizes.
The Diamond Thimble is available in large, medium and small sizes.
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